CNC Projects 

Retrofit Projects to keep machines running without feeding the Sharks

Useful Info for Shop Owners and Machinists

  These pages will be for retrofitting CNC machines without spending 10-40 K to the normal retrofitters whose general goal is to keep an income stream for themselves at your expense. 

  We all paid a lot of money for these machines new and now that the controls are falling apart and the builders have obsoleted them, we're stuck replacing good iron because of 1 dollar electronic parts that we can't get.

  The first project is a Hardinge HCNC Lathe with an Allen Bradley Control, 4Hp DC motor, 8 position flat turret, 5C threaded spindle nose.

Older Info - What not to do and save yourself some headaches


2/2/10 The latest and actually getting somewhere

EMC2 is hooked up and running with Pico's controller, servo amps and DAC card

Turret is being controlled by Kirk Wallace's setup

Need some input on using the old GE servo amp for the spindle.

GE Spindle Controls and DC Spindle Motor

 Latest project: Separate out the 90 VDC power supplies, regenerative card and the GE Hyak driver from the rest of the AB control. The AC motor and controller sounds great except that you lose your low RPM and torque. You need the low RPM and torque when your roughing a part, even if its aluminum. I have been down to 75 RPM taking a 0.020 finish cut on an 7.5" diameter and you won't do that with an AC motor according to the technical sales reps. Besides, the motors and motor controllers were working fine when repairing the AB side of things got ridiculous


Pic 1 Pic 2  Pic 3 Pic 4  Pic 5 Pic 6  Pic 7 Pic 8  Pic 9 Pic10  Pic11 Pic12  Pic13 

Added Some Things

Block layout for power supply and amps - Pic 1  Left hand side-take away the top 2 amps and that's what I need to separate out.

Schematic pages for the GE Servo amp. Need to do something about the inhibiters on it Page1  Page2  Page3

Some newer shots of the CHNC Hardinge that has EMC2 on it. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4

Would like a copy of a PLC Turret Setup so I can learn from it

Some pics of the Hardinges and one side of the shop

Pic of SSR with questions   Pic14